According to the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana, Grover was on the most epic search in the Ark-La-Tex. The thick adorable boxer mix had been on a desperate search for a home for well over a year. It wasn't his temperament, everyone on staff at HSNWLA was bewildered at why this cute little chunk didn't have a home of his own.

It looked grim for Grover, could this cuddle bug find a home in time for holidays to enjoy with his new family? We set out for help and asked you to spread the word. You spread the word far and wide, Grover's picture was shared all over the U.S., and the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana combed through countless applications.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

Meet Grover's new human! She must really be something special if the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana picked her out of the many applications that flooded in after Grover went viral. We are all very invested in Grover's happy ever after, so to Grover's human, please keep us in the loop.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

Thank you for all you did to help find this guy a home. Thank you for tagging your friends who possibly wanted to adopt a furry friend. Seriously, give yourself a pat on the back, without everyone's help Grover would still be sitting in a kennel alone for the holidays. There are still several dogs just like Grover who are ag someone who is looking for a cuddle buddy. Click here to apply to adopt a dog like Grover.

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