EDIT: Friends, we have been had. No one can deny the that this video seems real, but apparently we've been the victim of a little TV magic. The clip shows the crew at FOX and Friends requesting that if Trump was watching FOX, he should flick his bedroom lights on and off in the White House. Sure enough, the lights flickered almost immediately. The clip was shared hundreds of thousands of times as the world seemed to think it was real, but let's face it, it isn't exactly far-fetched. Anyways, FOX anchor Steve Doocy acknowledged the clip was fake, saying the show used a "video effect". He also said the show was "just having a little fun".

Edit on 1-30-17 at 9:06 AM.



I don't care if you're not a fan of Donald Trump or FOX News, you can't deny how awesome this is.

In case you haven't heard, Donald J. Trump is our president and things already feel different in Washington. For one, it seems like our president cares more about crowd size than anything else, and he's certainly no fan of the media.

He is, however, a fan of FOX News.

Apparently the president was watching FOX News live and he proved it in a hilarious way.

FOX had a live-shot of the White House on the screen, when one of their hosts asked the Don to flash the room's lights if he's actually watching.

Within seconds, HE ACTUALLY DID IT.

This is our country now, enjoy.


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