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With so much chaos happening on the surface of the planet right now, it's the perfect time to turn your gaze to the skies.  Don't let the extended stay at home order get you down, look up tonight an set your tired eyes on a rare treat!

The moon has been putting on an extremely full and bright display over the last few days in what astronomers call the "Flower Moon."  This month's full moon is actually the last "Super-moon" of the year.  which means that it's closer than usual and looks a lot bigger in the sky above you.  According to Earthsky.org, the peak was actually this morning, but scientists say that tonight's moon will still be bright, big, and beautiful.

Even though the last Super-moon of 2020 will be behind us after this, there are so many more beautiful skies ahead of us.  Every month has at least 1 full moon, and they all have special names.  June's full moon is called the Strawberry Moon, July's is referred to the Buck Moon, and August has the Sturgeon Moon.

By the way, if you are trying to impress folks with your knowledge of the skies above tonight - the Super-moon goes by a few different names: The Planting Moon or Milk Moon.  So named because native american tribes took the event as a time to start planting crops.

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