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We live in a connected world. If you wouldn't want your mom to know about it, don't do it. Cameras are EVERYWHERE!

From trail cams to Ring doorbells, to camera phones and red light cameras, we're constantly being watched. And thanks to the new cameras installed by Bossier Parks, they're already catching folks damaging public property.


States like Texas and Louisiana have camera everywhere, with more going up all the time. Sometimes they're in places you wouldn't expect, or can't even see. Try all you want, sometimes you can't find them, because while some are put up as deterrents, others are trying to catch you.

The Bossier Parish Police Jury's Director of Parks and Recreation, William Saucier, says that the newly installed security cameras at all Bossier Parish parks are already paying for themselves. He told the Police Jury, 'At Parish Camp, one of our fire pits was damaged by a vehicle driven by someone who apparently decided they wanted to get off the road and go through the camping area. We saw this on one of our new security cameras, identified the vehicle, got the license number and a ticket was issued by the Sheriff’s Office. These are going to be good for our park visitors and for us.'


Saucier reports that a total of 21 cameras have been deployed at the Tall Timbers, Parish Camp, Bo Brandon, and South Bossier park facilities. The cameras were budgeted for and purchased with recreation department funds and should help to ensure the safety of Bossier residents and parish property.

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