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For a lot of folks, the COVID-19 pandemic didn't just stifle growth and destroy jobs across the nation - it was the reason they didn't pull the trigger on that big move in their career.  Some may have opted with staying right where they were, just thankful to have a job at all.  Some saw the opportunity to take the next step on their climb to success just disappear in the panic of the shutdowns.

If this was you, take heart.  There are still awesome companies trying to fill awesome openings!  The crazy thing is, they are having just as hard of a time finding good people like you right now.  It seems the whole "stay in your house and limit your interaction with strangers" thing has a negative affect on the amount of applicants these businesses receive.

The solution is elegant: A drive through job fair.

KSLA is reporting that Express Employment Professionals are hosting this innovative and safe employment fiesta March 6th from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Your entire employment-seeking experience will be from the comfort of your own car - but you won't be missing out.  Reportedly, prizes will be given out and food will be provided for those who attend.  You could leave with some free stuff, a full stomach, and a brand-new job!

Job hunting specialists will also be on hand to help you score the job of your dreams, so make sure you bring a fresh resume and make sure you look sharp (at least what they can see from the car window).


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