I guess I can see why... It does have a high alcohol content, but I sure can't imagine drinking hand sanitizer. I bet it tastes like crap and stings to boot! But according to recent reports, that is exactly what teens have been doing in pursuit of a cheap buzz. 

Teens have been showing up in Los Angeles Emergency Rooms according to USA Today after drinking hand sanitizer looking for an inexpensive drunk. There's nothing about sanitizer that says 'palatable' to me though. Plus, with the high alchohol content, (hello, it has to be high to kill germs) it's dangerous! Dangerous enough that six teens in have shown up in two San Fernando Valley Emergency Rooms in the past few months with alcohol poisoning after drinking it. Here's what's scary. Hand sanitizer is cheap and you can buy it anywhere. I bought a two pack for a dollar at the Dollar Tree just the other day. Even scarier, it's up to 62% alcohol... which makes it a 120 proof drink. That's more than vodka. You do the math. This is some scary business. Experts are recommending parents buy the foaming type sanitizer rather than the gel for safety and to monitor it's usage by children like medicine. The sad thing is that I know people who are addicted to sanitizer. They're straight up germaphobes. Seriously, what do you NOT have to watch out for anymore?

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