Duane 'Dog' Chapman has found love again, and this time, his daughter approves. The 67-year-old is reportedly dating a 51-year-old Colorado rancher.

The U.S. Sun talked to the Dog the Bounty Hunter star's daughter Lyssa Chapman about the romance. Between her and family friend Rainy Robinson, details have leaked that the woman's name is Francie Frane, and there is a little history between the families. Dog Chapman called to see if her husband could do some yard work at his house, but Francie told him her husband had died just a few months before he lost Beth Chapman to cancer in 2019.

One thing led to another, and before long Chapman and his 51-year-old girlfriend were holding each other tenderly in photos exclusive to the website.

"Love is in the air," Lyssa Chapman tweeted in sharing a link to the story.

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That's nothing short of a stamp of approval after her strong rebukes as rumors swirled that Dog and Moon Angell were romantically involved not long ago. The family patriarch consistently denied he was dating anyone, but clouded the matter when he offered a fake marriage proposal on Dr. Oz.

Of Francie, Lyssa says, "They are both so happy together and they are good for each other."

"They go to church three times a week and dad is trying to give up smoking," she adds. "She is a good woman for my dad ... He's the happiest I've seen him in a long time."

Robinson, who starred on Dog's Most Wanted in 2019, also told the Sun she appreciated Frane's intentions after what she called "Moon-gate."

"I spoke to Dog and I have never heard him this happy, he was crying happy. Then I spoke to her and she was the same crying about how much she cares about him," she says.

"I think she is somebody that Beth would have picked. I'm happy because he deserves to be loved and I want him to spend the remainder of his life happy."

Dog Chapman now splits time between houses in Colorado and Hawaii. Since Beth Chapman's death he's struggled to recover emotionally, but pressed on with a full media tour to promote the first season of Dog's Most Wanted. The show is not expected to return to WGN.

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