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If you ever needed a reason to let go of an old grudge and let bygones be bygones, here it is.  If the allegations leveled at 51-year-old Laurie Lynn Hinds are true, she could be spending 6 months to 2 years behind bars, up to a $10,000 fine, and a small-town reputation that will never go away.

A Tyler, Texas Funeral Home Was Allegedly the Sight of a Vulgar Display of Spite

According to a report from KWTX, Hinds allegedly did the unthinkable at a funeral home in Tyler, Texas on Nov. 29.  Eyewitness accounts claim she walked straight up to a casket and, to the absolute shock of everyone in attendance - spit on the body resting inside.  Friends and family who witnessed the grotesque display would explain that she had "animosity" with the deceased.

The Alleged Tyler, Texas Funeral Spitter Was Not Arrested on the Spot

As horrific of a crime as that is, Hinds was not arrested on the spot.  A warrant for her arrest would come more than a month later, and her arrest would not happen until earlier this month.  On June 5th, she was reportedly arrested and charged with State-Jail Felony Abuse of Corpse.  She posted a $2,500 bond and was released the next day.

51-Year-Old Texas Resident Laurie Lynn Hinds Will Have Her Day in Court...Eventually

Neither the name of the deceased nor the date of Laurie Lynn Hinds trial have been released at this time.

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