No matter what side of the kneeling debate you're on, you have to admit this is funny.

The gang at Funny or Die decided to put together a fake ad for the NFL's next big product. They're bringing us the all-new "Knee Shoes".

These bad boys fit perfectly around the players knee caps so that when they decide to kneel for the national anthem, you can't tell, because it just looks like they're really short.

The video itself, like anything Funny or Die puts out, is quite hilarious. It features a fairly funny actor displaying these knee shoes, while also taking a few jabs at both sides of the debate.

Personally, I think it's about time we all just chill out and have a laugh together. Instead of bickering and arguing back and forth on Facebook, let's just watch this video a few times and share it around with our buddies.

Laughter is the greatest medicine, and our country could use a heaping dose of it right about now.