Twentieth Century Fox unleashed the new 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' trailer unto the world, and if you weren't already excited to delve into Ridley Scott's vision of Moses as he frees the Egyptian slaves, this new look might get your heart racing.

The film earned itself a wee bit of controversy already, specifically over the predominantly white casting choices made for Moses (Christian Bale), Pharaoh Ramses (Joel Edgerton) and his family (Sigourney Weaver). However, the new 'Exodus' trailer is quite spectacular in terms of scope and poking at movie fans' weakness for dramatic battle sequences, godly fury and sweeping landscapes of Ancient Egypt.

We all know the story of Moses -- or, at least, everyone who suffered through attended Sunday School will know the tale. Moses was found in a riverbed by the Pharaoh's mother, who raised him as her son. When he grows into manhood, he realizes he is Hebrew and the foreseen savior who would come to set all of the slaves free. But when his brother, Ramses, now the new reigning ruler of Egypt, refuses to play nice, God unleashes the infamous 12 plagues upon his enemies.

"I came to tell you something is coming that is far beyond you and I."

"Who has been telling you this?"


When we don't have Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston belting "When You Believe" (from 'The Prince of Egypt'), overly dramatic dialogue like this is necessary.

'Exodus: Gods and Kings' will hit theaters on December 12.

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