Watch out world, we have a KILLER deal here.

One Facebook user has decided to take cringe to a whole new level. Often times on Facebook's many garage sale websites, you come across some strange stuff. Once, not too long ago, we came across a Facebook post where someone was selling literally hundreds of broken vacuums out of a storage unit. You had to buy all of them, and most of them didn't work at all.

At that time, that was the worst I've ever seen. Now, this Facebook post makes the vacuum one seem totally normal.

This user took to Facebook to sell a "slightly used" coffin. I'm sorry, but I have to start with "slightly used". A coffin is one of those things where there is no in between. Either it's absolutely new, or 100% used. How the heck can a coffin be slightly used???

It get's worst.

The user explains that they had buried the coffin three years ago, and recently pulled it back up to, "go a different route."

I have no clue what that means but my skin is crawling.

Check it out!