As if you needed more reason to love this song, right?

Fall Out Boy has been non-stop since they released their album "American Beauty/American Psycho" last year. Most recently they have presented us with the music video for their song "Irresistible." In it, Demi Lovato works at a toy store where the toys seem to come to life.

Sound familiar?

It should. N'SYNC did a similar video for their song "It's Gonna Be Me." So have you ever stopped to think that maybe there were rejected toys much like NSYNC that ended up in the dollar bin? Well, in this video that's exactly where you will find the boys of Fall Out Boy. And it's pretty fantastic.

To show that there is no "ripping off" or "hard feelings" about the video's concept, FOB included epic cameos from Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick. They even hired on the same director who did the original NSYNC video, Wayne Isham.

Check it out: