Architect Sets High Standard In Tree House
Getty Images

THIS JUST IN: Being a lumberjack is very, very dangerous.

Coming from a radio DJ in Shreveport, pretty much any other job on the planet is a little more dangerous. This clip, though, will be stuck in my head for a long long time.

Believe it or not, I've never once considered bing a lumberjack. Rightfully so because I am clearly not cut out for the type of work highlighting in this clip. Here we see lumberjacks standing around 20 feet away from a fallen tree. Thistree is successfully toppled, but once it comes down, the unthinable happened, Thank goodness no one was hurt.

In an instant, we see the toppled tree come down, causing a branch to shoot out like a rocket. Luckily the branch ( for the most part) misses everybody.


Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, you'll have to click HERE to see the full video.




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