Two of the most popular television shows in history, are coming together in September.

'Family Guy' will finally join forces with 'The Simpsons' in a huge, one-hour, crossover episode on FOX. Looks like the Griffins somehow wondered into this strange unknown city called.... Springfield.

Of course, they quickly become friends with the Simpsons. A match made in heaven. Everything was fine until Homer tried Peter's favorite beer. Quahog's own, Pawtuckett Patriot beer. Homer claims that Peter's Pawtuckett beer is nothing but a knock-off of Springfield's own Duff beer. Insinuating, of course, a little more than just the beer was a rip-off from Springfield.

I certainly can't wait to see the show. Two of my favorite shows to watch all in one jam packed hour, it's gonna be great. The episode will air on FOX on September 28th.

Here's the first-look at the episode!