The current pandemic state of affairs has many things in life on hold. One of those things is the college football season. We've already heard from many college football conferences about their plans for the fall. The PAC-12 and Big 10 have already made announcements on their football plans. This week the Presidents and Athletic Directors of the SEC schools will hold virtual meetings about the state of their conference football season. 

Many pundits close to college football say there is simply no way the season can begin on time. As of right now, even the best-case scenarios don't suggest that play could begin until the middle of September or more likely early October. This could be quite perplexing for schedule makers across the country.

Schools in the Big 10 and PAC-12 conference already know that they will be playing a conference only schedule. That same logic could apply to the SEC's thinking too. Although there have been some close to league sources that the SEC could play eight conference games and one out of the conference or even do nine conference games plus an out of conference game.

There is similar speculation that the Big 12 and ACC could adopt shorter schedules too. Although, there is no word as to whether those leagues will play only in-conference foes.

Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey has stated that the league will make an announcement about its schedule and its season sometime in late July. Well, looking at the calendar that means we should know a definitive answer by Thursday.


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