Anyone who knows me or has ever seen me in person knows I'm always wearing my flip flops! Sandals and Flip Flops have been my go to shoe for years mostly because I hate wearing shoes and these are the easiest to kick off at any point I can. I've had several different type some with bottle openers and even a pair with grass so I feel barefoot.

Nike just released what might be my next pair... Fanny Pack Sandals! These sandals come with little fanny packs for storage on air shoe as part of their "slides" line. The fanny pack on the shoes doesn't appear to be large enough to store to much but maybe able to hold some candy, small cell phones or money. We've all stuck something in our shoe to save before but this way you don't get it all nasty from foot sweat! The shoes will be hitting stores this summer just in time for vacations and pool days.