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Dating is hard... especially in Shreveport-Bossier City, LA. How do you cut through all of the ridiculousness and really get to know someone? We've got the answer!

While we're not suggesting you turn your dates into an interview, these are some great questions to figure out if your potential new partner is a fit! That is, of course, assuming you're dating with the purpose of looking for a long-term partner. Weeding through potentials, especially if you're using apps, can be daunting. Use these questions to help figure out if they're the one for you! Just look for fun, playful ways to interject them into the conversation. Play 'Truth or Consequences' or '20 Questions' if you must ;)

What are the 10 Best Questions to Ask on a First Date

1. What's the last spontaneous thing you've done? (I was asked this once and it stumped me... then I made some life changes!)

2. What initially drew you to me? (It's interesting to find out what attracted them to you in the first place, it's rarely what you think.)

3. What are three must-haves for you in a relationship? (This is a biggie!)

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4. How would you describe your credit score and do you have a lot of debt? (This is a tough question to get into, but it's important.)

5. Is a hot dog a sandwich? (This one gives you insight into their sense of humor and how they think.)

6. What is your worst habit? (You won't believe some of the things I've heard. Of course, it assumes that they will tell you the truth. Either way, how they answer is very telling!)

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7. What's your most controversial opinion? (Are they an independent thinker? This is good information to have!)

8. What's the best meal you can cook? (Hopefully, they have a hard time picking their favorite!)

9. If money, time, and other responsibilities like work and family weren't an obstacle and you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? (Do they dream big? Or are they grounded?)

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10. What temperature is your thermostat set on right now? (This may be more important for women, but it's a BIG DEAL!)

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