Though Flo Rida is pretty much a professional partier in addition to a chart-topping hip-hop artist, he’s also remarkably soft-spoken and low key in real life. However, he can turn the fun up and on at will, as he proved on NBC New York Live.When the hostesses observed his quiet demeanor, he immediately gifted each of the ladies with neon whistles, likely an ode to his summer anthem by the same name. “It’s a party almost every night for me,” Flo admitted. “When I’m hanging out at home, I rarely get a chance to see my friends, so I’m usually partying.”

Flo Rida said there’s a formula and a method to the hits he seems to almost mass produce at will — and that formula is hard work. “Sometimes I’ll stay in the studio without changing my clothes for two days.” And yet he still always manages to look like he smells good, doesn’t he?

Just as hardworking as Flo is his ‘Wild One’ collaborator Sia, whom he drenched in praise. “It’s definitely important to work with someone who’s as much of a perfectionist and is as talented as Sia,” Flo said. “After hearing her voice and the work we did together as far as ‘Wild Ones,’ I fell to the floor like, ‘Thank you Jesus! This record is going to be crazy!’”

Flo proved himself once more to be humble, fun and generous as all get out. Be sure to tune in to get a look at Flo’s $50,000 whistle — and find out what cause was so close to his heart that he donated $1 million to it!

Watch Flo Rida on NBC New York Live