This story will be incredibly difficult to write, due to my nonstop giggling behind the keyboard. No one, and I mean no one, is allowed to catch crabs in Louisiana for the next 29 days.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has issued a 30 day ban on Louisiana residents catching crabs.  The ban began yesterday, and crab-catchers in Louisiana can get used to it because the same ban will take place for a 30 day period every year, which starts on the third Monday of February until 2019.

Crustacean Program Manager for Marine Fisheries at LDWF, Jeff Marx, had this to say about Louisiana's crab problem.


The biomass of crabs that are out in Louisiana waters was at a low level, and also fishing mortality, people catching crabs, is very high. [The ban]  gives those females a chance to reach maturity to be able to help with repopulation. It gives them a chance to get offshore and get out beyond the reach of some of the fishermen.


So until mid-March, if you want to catch some crabs, just head on over to Texas.


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