Actor and comedian Gabriel Iglesias stopped by the Kidd Kraddick studio to discuss his upcoming concert movie/comedy "The Fluffy Movie," how he got started in comedy and his connection to J-Si.

J-Si provided Iglesias a proper Mexican introduction, which Kellie viewed as "showing off." But Iglesias' took issue with the fact that he was presented as being there to promote "The Fluffy Movie."

"Here to promote? I couldn't just be here to visit, here to hang out? 'He's here to whore himself out,'" Iglesias joked.

But Iglesias' concert movie isn't just a movie featuring him performing his comedy routine live.

"There's a movie that starts before the concert plays that tells the story of how my parents met, how I got into comedy, what actually got me into it," Iglesias told the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show. "It was shot in front of 18,00 fans. It was like WWE meets The Food Channel."

Jenna asked if Iglesias take notes from any other concert movies, like Justin Bieber's 2013 film, "Believe"?

"I avoided studying anything else too much, because I didn't want it to be compared to or make it too similar," he said. "If anything, I studied Eddie Murphy's 'Raw' back in the day."

Another question that came up during the interview was what's it like being a stand-up comic and traveling around the country so much. What's the toll on the comic?

I'm like a hooker with a van; I work my ass off! - Gabriel Iglesias

"I'm on the road 46 weeks out of the year, I'm away from family and friends back home, I don't get to see my puppies. So yeah, there's a lot of sacrifice, I'm not there for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and those special days," said Iglesias, adding: "I'm like a hooker with a van; I work my ass off!"

"The Fluffy Movie" premieres in theaters July 11. Watch our full interview with Gabriel Iglesias below.