Getting excited for this week's episode of Game of Thrones? So am I. If you're not caught up, this contains spoilers!

As I am anxiously waiting to see what happens with Cersei and company in King's Landing, and Dany and her crew at Winterfell, I'm also craving any and all history of Westeros.

That's what led me to this timeline video. I'm soaking it all in this last season, and deepening my understanding of this fictional world. Why? Well, I guess I have some extra time on my hands. Plus, it's a personality trait - I did the same thing Twilight. Yes, I was one of those girls.

Back to Westeros. This is history is complex and stretches back thousands of years with a similar war fought between the children of the forest and the first men. That's how the Night King was created. We learned this in Season 5.

Of course, many generations have passed since then, and a giant wall of ice was erected by a Stark, Bran the Builder. This kept the white walkers at bay for so long, that when our heroes first encounter them in the series they don't believe they exist.

Follow the timeline leading up the battle of Winterfell, and join me Sunday night as we see what's next for our remaining heroes and villains.

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