As a father of two and an occasional gamer, I can say I feel this man's pain!

A YouTube gamer was playing a session of Outlast 2, which I've never played, but I hear it's a truly frightening game. It's a freaky first person survivor/horror game that will make even the toughest gamer squeal like a pig.

This video has gone absolutely viral because the game kind of scared this gamer, but something far less sinister than the fictional video game really freaked this dude out.

As he's playing, something pops up on the screen that sends shivers down his spine. Immediately, he turns his head to escape the horrific video game, only to cme face to face with the scariest thing a man can encounter in life....

His daughter.

This guy screamed so loud at the sight of his baby daughter that it's probably in his best interest to never play games again and get a real job.

You have to see this!