I had a lot to say about the new movie IT. However, why not throw a few drinks back and really speak my mind.

In the video below, I go in slight depth about the different elements of Stephen King's IT remake. I mention some spoilers in the new movie and how they are compared with the original television series. I also discuss the dynamics of the new "losers club" and my personal thoughts about the casting. There are scenes in the original series that we do not see in the new remake. Don't worry, spoiler alarms are in the video. This is so that no beans will be spilt if you haven't seen the movie just yet.

But oh my stars... the actor who plays Pennywise is a mega babe. Seriously, I was not expecting the actor to be a hottie!

Overall, I give the movie 9 out of 10 red balloons. To find out why just 9, you have to check out the video below.