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You know, it's like clockwork every year in Shreveport-Bossier City, LA during the Community Foundation's Give for Good campaign. We just can't help but flaunt our generosity as a community. And I'll be honest, seeing those final numbers always fills my heart with pride.

It's like we're constantly pushing the boundaries of our generosity here in NWLA. Even during the pandemic in 2020, our community rallied and nearly hit the $2 million mark. In 2021, we soared to $2.2 million, and then in 2022, we smashed records with an impressive $2,384,855 raised for local nonprofits. Talk about showing our love for NWLA!

And guess what? Last year, in 2023, the Community Foundation's Give for Good campaign went above and beyond, shattering expectations yet again. We're talking about a jaw-dropping $2,755,633 raised through 4,412 donations benefiting 209 local organizations. Now, that's something to celebrate! But wait, there's more...

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How much money did the 2024 Give for Good campaign raise?

In its 11th year, the Community Foundation of North Louisiana's Give For Good campaign managed to pull in a whopping $2,938,545 for 222 area nonprofits. That's 9,068 gifts from 4,300 donors. Can you believe it? Since day one, this annual shindig has pulled in over $22 million for our community! Now, that's not just making a difference, that's knocking it out of the park!

Community Foundation of North Louisiana Give for Good 2024 Top Fundraisers

1. Providence House - $139,090
2. Film Prize Foundation Inc - $125,722
3. Holy Angels - $125,127
4. Volunteers of America North Louisiana - $112,962
5. Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana- Shreveport - $93,576
6. Common Ground Community, Inc. - $93,543
7. Praise Academy at Lakeside - $76,590
8. Community Renewal - $76,043
9. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul - $69,810
10. Shreveport Bossier Rescue Mission - $57,826

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