Though right now, most of us are focused on the rains and possible flooding of North Louisiana, it won't be long before our attention is turned towards a couple other directions.

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Taxes and spring cleaning. Both of these will soon be front and center and commanding a lot of our time, and in the case of taxes, money.

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So, it's a normal thing for us to regularly do some spring cleaning at this time, and take those gently used items we no longer need to Goodwill to help reduce our tax burden through a charitable contribution.

What most of us love most about Goodwill of North Louisiana, is that we know that every dollar we donate to them supports local jobs and employee development programs.

It's a great way to shave a little off your taxes and help a great organization at the same time.

However, Goodwill of North Louisiana doesn't want your junk. They do have staff that can work wonders on some of our donations, but they really aren't a dumping ground for all the broken items at your house.

In fact, I've recently discovered that there are twelve items that Goodwill of North Louisiana just simply will not let you donate.

To see what those items are, take a look at The 12 Items You Can't Donate To Goodwill

The 12 Items You Can't Donate To Goodwill

Though Goodwill of North Louisiana accepts lots of different types of donations and they do an amazing job help local people with those donations, there are several items they will NOT accept as donations and these are those 12 items.

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