Let me start by saying I don't believe any gross food exists in Louisiana. I'm biased, I admit, but c'mon people food is kind of our thing down here.

The fine folks at Thrillist put together a list showing the grossest food that people like in each state.

So if you want to read the full list, you can click HERE, or check out Louisiana and our surrounding states below!


Louisiana: Nutria

Some people consider the Nutria a giant rodent, but down here we consider it a tasty treat. Tastes similar to rabbit, nice and chicken-y. I don't understand the problem here, sounds like these Northerners need a trip down south soon.

Texas: Deep-fried butter


Are you kidding me??? I was shocked to see this delicious treat make the list. In fact, when I saw it, I thought I jumped to a new list highlighting the most wonderful food in each state. Butter is just plain American, and deep-fried butter takes it to a new, tasty level.

Arkansas: Buffalo ribs

This has got to be a joke. There's no way any red-blooded American can taste a buffalo rib and not like it. Our friends up north should be proud of their buffalo ribs and look forward to sharing those bad boys with the rest of the world.

Mississippi: Koolickle

I've honestly never tasted a Koolickle, but it sounds absolutely wonderful. Fine folks in Mississippi have created a treat that everyone in the world should respect. It's a pickled, soaked in Kool-aid. That's awesome, not gross!


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