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The ongoing "monolith" story took a dark turn this week, as a group of white supremacists traveled to California to destroy the most recently discovered structure.

The structure in California was discovered earlier this week on Pine Mountain in Atascadero. It was on a remote hiking trail that isn't accessible by vehicle. The California find followed the discovery of the original "monolith" structure in the Utah desert, and one found on a hill in Romania.

However the one in California didn't vanish in the same way the first two did. The California structure was destroyed by a group of young men, who are being described as "racist" and "white supremacists" due to the content of the videos and social media content they posted surrounding the during the destruction of the structure.

Here is the video they streamed of the actual destruction (there will be NSFW language in their videos)...


Vice followed the entire saga through the social media of the individuals involved. In the videos of the group that Vice observed, the group can be heard using racist language while discussing burning crosses and alluding to white power movements. The videos also show the group using homophobic language, and Vice says in other posts on their account those involve claim to be US Marines, bragging about spitting on Black people, and "pedophile rape tunnels".

During the videos Vice observed, the group seems be pursued by someone after they destroy the "monolith". Here's what Vice describes:

"On the way down Pine Mountain, the group is seemingly pursued by an unidentified party. CultureWarCriminal and others run into the bushes to hide and turn off their camera’s lights. The person with the camera claims someone is setting canines after them—no barking is heard. Shortly after, voices can be heard getting closer to the group. A person yells, “grab the cross and beat them with it.”

CultureWarCriminal and his crew then have an impromptu roundtable discussion in the bushes, contemplating if those pursuing them are a part of the Antifa movement. “Antifa isn’t one to underestimate,” the group concludes. They then devise a plan, seemingly getting excited using military vernacular, to call the police and frame those after them as the monolith destroyers. In the end, the crusaders left empty handed, back to their macho selves, bragging about their escape on the car ride home."

Vice adds that calls to the Atascadero Police were not immediately returned.



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