I assure you, you've never seen a bowling strike like this...

For those who know me, you know bowling is a sport I hold close to my heart. For years, a big group of friends and I would head on down to All Star Lanes on Mansfield road to have a night on the lanes. We took it so seriously too. We all bought our own balls, shows, and wrist braces. We had a monstrous trophy we would exchange to the next winner each week. We even had a name for our squad, the Bowling Stones baby!

We would, for the most part, take things pretty seriously. However every now and then, one of us would decide to show off and go for an unbelievable trick shot. Of course, 100% of our trick-shots would go into the gutter immediately.

It's safe to say, none of us possess the talent this guy has!

This viral video shows a guy sitting on the bench, far behind the lane. All of a sudden, he decides to hurl a ball down the lane, and miraculously, the guy hits a strike.

Check this out!