Give this guy the gold medal of news pranking, he wins for life.

This viral, hilarious clip comes from England, where a news reporter was reporting on several cannabis plants found growing in a small cottage. The cottage in question was directly behind the reporter.

Mid-way through his report, you see a young male enter the frame, holding a large plant (obviously not marijuana). It's comically large, and what happens next makes it even better.

As the guy walks out of the cottage area, he "notices" the camera crew and quickly takes off running, as if he's trying not to get caught with this monstrous weed plant.

Literally, it's one of the funniest news bloopers I've seen in a long time.

I have to give credit to the reporter, however, because he didn't flinch. He looked straight at the guy and simply continued his story, although he might not have realized he had been pranked at all at that point.

Check it out!


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