I'm actually surprised it looked so realistic.

Some people just love to pull pranks. With the rise of YouTube and the instant stardom it can bring, some folks have chosen to devote their lives to pulling off pranks that just might get them a few views on YT. Jay Karl is apparently one of those guys, and his most recent prank is pretty hilarious.

He decided he would hit up the local lake and scare a few people, and man, he certainly pulled that off. His prank was relatively simple... An alligator head attached to a remote control boat.

Naturally, I know he's not in Louisiana because if he was, the video would have been seven seconds long and would show the first family rip about the fake alligator and mix the parts into their next batch of gumbo.

After watching the clip a few times, it looks like at least a few of the reactions are staged, but a couple of them were definitely legit.

Check it out!


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