Oh my goodness, where do I begin with this insane video??

So a guy was suspicious his wife was cheating on him. But the way he catches her is truly bizarre.

He didn't know exactly who she was cheating on him with, but he certainly knew she was cheating. He was so sure of this, he decided to follow her on her way to work using a FREAKING DRONE.

Yes, he flew a drone above her while she "walked to work", and caught her in the act.

She eventually walked to a CVS parking lot, and waited on her secret lover to pull in and she quickly greeted him with a kiss.

She was married to this man for 18 years, surely she knew he was capable of catching her in the act with a drone!!!!

To make matters worse, the guy put the footage on YouTube and gave it full commentary that was a mix between intense and awkward.

You have to see this!