Last year I discovered Hammerhead flatworms. I had never heard of these worms until I started seeing them pop up all over my newsfeed.

The "invasive species" of worms are popping up all over Louisiana due to the recent rain. The bad part is that it is going to get worse and we just started seeing them. These worms aren't little by any means, they can get up to a foot long.

Our Earth Worms are in Serious Danger.

The main reason why so many folks who garden are concerned about flatworms is that they eat earthworms that we desperately need in our ecosystem. Everyone knows if you want healthy soil you need to keep those earthworms around.

Insider Edition via Youtube
Insider Edition via Youtube

Why Do We Need to Worry About These Worms?

The hammerhead worms produce a neurotoxin that paralyzes the earthworm. This neurotoxin can harm us and our pets as well.

Don't Let Your Pets Eat These Worms.

One of the main things that experts are warning against is touching the worms with our bare hands and of course letting our dogs and cats eat the worms. If you must touch these use a pair of gloves, don't let bare skin touch the worm.

According to LSU Ag Center, we have hammerhead flatworms all over Louisiana, and because of our weather, it looks like the invasive species is here to stay. It's time we learn to live with them and avoid them at all costs.

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