Today is a wonderful day for my family as we celebrate our matriarch. Happy 100th birthday, Grandma Sue!

My Grandma Sue was born on March 8th, 1921. According to The Guardian, females born in 1921 had a 2.1% chance of living to 100. Even crazier, right now, less than 1% of America's population is over the age of 100.

Yet, here we are, in the middle of a global pandemic, and my great grandmother is officially a centenarian. When Grandma Sue was born, the President of the United States was Warren G. Harding and the country's greatest sports star was Babe Ruth. The number one song in the country was "I Ain't Got Nobody" by Marion Harris, which you can hear below.



Now, 100 years later, Grandma Sue remains, and she's showing no signs of slowing down. The running joke in my family, dating back to when I was a kid, was that Grandma Sue would outlive all of us. She has always been the strongest woman you can imagine. As a child, I spent many nights with Grandma Sue while my mother balanced working multiple jobs and pursuing her college education. Some of my fondest memories as a little guy in Shreveport comes from my Grandma Sue's house.

As crazy as this sounds, the Grandma Sue in my memories from 20+ years ago is not that much different from the Grandma Sue I play Scrabble with today. She is still as sharp as a tack, and as funny as she can be, even when she's not trying to be. She still drives around town, mostly taking trips to Taco Bell. Heck, she would mow her own lawn today if they would let her. She is a wonderful mother her children, an amazing grandmother to my mom and my aunt, a perfect great grandmother to my brother, my two cousins, and me, and she's an absolutely loving great great grandmother to my two daughters. I can't possibly explain to you the joy I have when I see my two daughters interacting with Grandma Sue.

I'm so lucky to have five generations alive today, and I'm so happy to be able to see my great grandmother live to see 100. I hope to celebrate quite a few more birthdays with her!

Happy 100th birthday, Grandma Sue!





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