As a child, I loved Pancho's Mexican Buffet on Old Minden Road in Bossier City, LA. Going to Pancho's was considered a night out on the town for our family and my brother and I used to fight over who would get to 'raise the flag' once we were ready for round two of delicious Pancho's goodness.

I was a huge fan of the sopapillas, drenched in sticky honey sweetness.

Not only did Pancho's have the best games which were reserved for play after dinner, Pancho's also had the best decorations. I still want to buy one of their pinatas! During a visit to Pancho's, I saw my mother, for the first and only time, get a little tipsy on a margarita... and it's also the place that used to use ashtrays in their chandeliers!

Not only is Pancho's a great place filled with memories for my family, it was also my father and I's secret place. He would take my friend Rebekah and I secretly on Saturday afternoons. At the time I was convinced that he liked her better because she would eat the 'hot' hot sauce with him, while I stuck to the mild!

With that being said, I was dismayed when I saw that Pancho's had closed over the weekend on Facebook. Sadly, it's true!

Pancho's Mexican Buffet, you will be missed!

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