I Started Sobbing at Lunch Today After I Read a Letter From Someone Who Had to Give Up Their Dog.

Ninna's Road to Rescue is a wonderful organization that rescues and adopts small dogs. They just posted an open letter that shattered my heart.

Here is what the post on Facebook that Ninna's posted "We found an envelope when going thru Aunt Bea's paperwork. (Some parts were redacted as they were illegible and some for privacy reasons)"

If you cry easily or you are at your desk don't read this open letter.

"To whom it may concern:

Jezzebelle (aka Aunt Bea) is my baby (furbaby) and I hate to give her up but I am in a nursing home in Texarkana and cannot care of her there at all. Jezzebelle is 14 years old. Her birthday was September 1st. She was born during Hurricane Ike. She is almost blind and deaf but gets along with other dogs.

I would appreciate information on Jezzebelle if possible (we will provide her info to her approved adopter).

Jezzebelle had many human foods she loved to eat with me. I would eat popcorn with her and also cottage cheese. Any vegetable I ate she wanted to try it. She also loved french fries and hamburger patties and cheese. She understood commands early and played with toys. I know her age means she won't live much longer. I never planned on being in a nursing home. I loved her and still do with all my heart and soul. She used to give me kisses all over my face. I hate that I can't see her every day. She started sleeping in my bed next to me on my other pillow. I bought her dog clothes and also took her to Pet Smart to meet Santa Claus.

I'm writing things about Jezzebelle so you can understand what she means to me. Since I never had any kids she was my furbaby daughter. I spoiled her more than I have done any other dog I owned."

Sincerely, (we will leave her name out)"

So if you want to give Aunt Bea the best last years of her life you can apply to adopt her by clicking here.

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