Living in Shreveport-Bossier, You Will Randomly Learn of New Hauntings.

From JuJu Road to the Old Chicago building downtown there are so many stories illustrating how haunted the Shreveport-Bossier area is. Before you start saying that Shreveport has the most haunted spots, remember Bossier has its fair share of scary spots that I would hate to be at alone at night.

Many Folks in Bossier Swear That Bossier High School Is Haunted

It all goes back to a KSLA article from 2013. No this wasn't some deranged person who came out to say "I swear it's haunted." this was more of like a bunch of people coming together to share the scary experiences they've had at Bossier High School.

Multiple Employees From Bossier High School Shared Their Encounters With Doug Warner.

Employees have reported hearing kids running down the hall when there are no kids in the building. The story that freaks me out the most is the locker humming story, Ella Feaster shared the time when she heard a humming sound coming from the lockers.  Feaster claims it sounded like "someone humming with their mouth taped shut,".

Win McNamee , Staff, getty images
Win McNamee , Staff, getty images

How Is This Building Filled WIth Hauntings If It's Only 83-Years Old?

Bossier High School was constructed in 1939 and we haven't heard of crazy scar murders in this location however before the school was built there was Fort Kirby Smith in its location. A simple google of Fort Kirby Smith will shed some light as to how this ground could be haunted. According to "One of four forts and eighteen batteries which formed the Confederate defenses of Cane City (now Bossier City) and Shreveport." It was abandoned in 1865 at the end of the war.

Hulton Archive, Stringer, Getty Images
Hulton Archive, Stringer, Getty Images

Could Confederate Soldiers Be What Haunts Bossier High School?

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