Let me start by saying I don't believe you can put an age restriction on going out and having fun, but the internet is trying to.

As we've learned the past two weeks, it's a downright atrocity that 18-20 year olds physically can't go out into nightclubs and bars in our town, but what about those on the other end of the age gap?

A new study is going around the internet that claims to have came up with the age where you're not welcome in the club scene anymore. It's bad news for cane-wielding Old Man Johnny, who is out every single weekend in Shreveport at the ripe old age of mid-70's. Apparently, the internet things he's long overdue for an exit.

According to this study, the age where it becomes inappropriate to grace your favorite nightclub with your presence, is 37-years-old. They also go as far as saying if you go out at 37-years-old or older, it's considered "tragic".

We think this study is "tragic", but that's just our opinion.

To read the full study, click HERE.