I don't know what has blown my mind more: This video or "Wildebeest" being the correct spelling.

You learn something new everyday, I guess.

Anyways the topic at hand is one the most wild nature videos I've seen in quite some time. This video literally shows a team of hippos team up to help out a fellow friend of nature. A wildebeest (still crazy that it's spelled that way) found itself face to face with a gator, and if it wasn't for his friends, he would have been gator food no doubt.

The gator even had the wildebeest in it's mouth, slowly dragging it into the water. It was certainly a struggle, but it appears that there's no possible way this wildebeest would survive.

Then, all of a sudden, two hippos come flying in their like they're some type of animal super hero duo straight out of a comic book.

The scared the gator who then let go of his meal and they all went on their marry way.

What a crazy video!