Holiday in Dixie will always be special to me. I've got a lot of memories connected to it. One of my favorite is from high school. My friend Christine and I were both excited for our very first prom! She was a freshman and I was a sophomore at Haughton High School and the two cutest boys asked us to go... to the AIRLINE PROM!!! We thought we were big stuff! We planned our dresses and shoes and hair and make up ad naseum and then the day finally arrived. We got ready with butterflies in our stomachs and our dates arrived to pick us up. I'm not going to give their names to protect the 'innocent.' I'm sure their wives or girlfriends or significant others would just love to have their man called out in a radio station blog even though we all went together as friends. Ok, enough of that, on with the story! The prom was being held at the University Club, where you have a great view of the Shreveport riverfront... That's where Holiday in Dixie was back in the day... this was before the casinos... I should be careful before I date myself to closely! lol Seriously, I remember looking out of those top floor windows and thinking that it was something out of a movie. I had the dress and the cute boy and the fancy dance AND the festival all lit up below me. I felt like a princess... and that's why I will always be fond of Holiday in Dixie and here's hoping you'll find your own Holiday in Dixie moment this year. Below, I've listed everything you could possibly need for this year's festival. And, if there's something I missed by some slight chance, I've got a link to the festival page. Good luck and don't forget we've got ride wrist bands in the VIP;) Also, Jay will be broadcasting live from Holiday in Dixie this Saturday from 1-3pm AND in the parade Saturday afternoon!

WHEN: Friday, April 8th from 4pm-11pm

Saturday, April 9th from noon-11pm

Sunday, April 10th from 1pm-10pm

Mon., April 11th-Thurs, April 14th from 5pm-10pm

Friday, April 15th from 4pm-11pm

Saturday, April 16th from noon-11pm

Sunday, April 17th from 1pm-10pm

WHERE: Festival Plaza, CORNER OF Spring and

Crockett Streets, downtown Shreveport

FEATURING: Holiday in Dixie is a 10-day festival

celebrating the Louisiana Purchase. Carnival has rides, games,

food and beverages, arts and crafts and live music!

New ride at the Carnival --- THE FREAK OUT!!!!

FREE Admission

Monday-Thursday $20 POP

5 pm until close


WHEN: Saturday, April 9th at 5:30 pm

WHERE: downtown Shreveport, beginning

at Municipal Auditorium and heading east on Milam,

north on Market, then west on Texas.

Admission: FREE

Shreveport’s oldest parade in its 63rd year features floats, throws, candy,

seven high school marching bands who will “STOP & ROCK” on Milam St. and Texas Ave.

Fun for the entire family!!!

Featuring High School Bands from: BTW

and Captain Shreve


PRIZE MONEY - $1,500

Annual Treasure Hunt sponsored by KTBS.

Clues are available at and

for details on being a ‘3treasurehunter’ sign up at

Information Provided by: Holiday in Dixie Festival

220 Carroll Street, Suite C-2

Shreveport, Louisiana 71105 – – 318.865.5555