The City of Little Rock has passed an ordinance that has a lot of us going "why not us?" Little Rock paid homeless people $9.25 per hour to pick up trash. A local church helps run The Bridge to Work program. The program received $80,000 from the Public Works Department. 2 supervisors were hired and paid $11 an hour to pick up and transport the employees to and from the work locations.

The program was scheduled to employ homeless people from April 1st to September 27th. However, the program was so successful that the Mayor extended the program into September 2020. When you hear about this new successful project do you think of what Shreveport could do with an amazing program like this? Downtown Shreveport would look picture-perfect, plus we could help the homeless while we beautify our city. This is a win-win situation, Shreveport, let us take a few notes from Little Rock.

Recently one of the homeless folks who benefitted from the program made headlines. Roy paid his first month's rent for his new apartment with money that he earned from the trash clean up program. According to "Roy's passion is being a barber, and now that he has a place to call home, the post says, he can now stay clean and under shelter where he's sure to feel confident enough to finish barber school."

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