Who knew car salespeople were so competitive? Even though there was no prize associated with this 'contest' other than bragging rights, we can't officially name a winner.

Even though we restricted voting by IP address and cookies and stated that the use of 'bots' was not allowed, we have had multiple allegations of fraud from several sources.
After investigating, we found that only 63% of the votes came from inside of the United States... Heck, 12.99% of the votes came from Indonesia alone. That alone is certainly enough to raise some eyebrows. After going through the data with PollDaddy, the 3rd party service that hosted the poll, it was clear there were some attempts to manipulate the results.
This really puts us in a tough position. We don't know who wasn't playing fair. It could have been anyone, including someone not in the contest. We really wanted to keep this fun, friendly, and above-board. But with that being said, we don't think it's fair to declare a winner. However, we did include the results of the final poll below.
Here are the top 10 finalists: