Are the Saints Super Bowl hopes doomed without Drew? Don't count them out.

Drew Brees confirmed that the surgery on his throwing thumb went well, so now we just wait to see how long his recovery will take. In the meantime, the Saints will be without their future Hall of Fame quarterback. The players are well aware of the situation, but they're not listening to any of the noise coming from the national media.

Reporters spoke with Alvin Kamara asking him if their Super Bowl expectations were still the same now that Brees will be out for an extended period of the season. His response became an instant battle cry.

Do I still have a Fleur-Di-Lis on my helmet? … Alright then.

Kamara will be one of the leaders on the field in Drew's absence and the Saints running back says the team is full steam ahead.

Drew’s down, we all know that. But, we still have the same coaching staff, the same guys calling plays. I don’t feel like Sean’s down. Sean’s ready for the challenge. It is what it is, we’ve got to keep moving.

The shifty running back says he's aware of what's being said, but the team isn't listening to anyone who isn't in their locker room. He also spoke on his "good memory."

I’ve seen a lot, people sending me things. I don’t really care what’s going on outside, nobody’s in this locker room, nobody’s on that field with us every day practicing, nobody’s on the field when we’re playing on Sundays, it’s just us. For me to really focus on what people are saying, or fans or people doubting; they can keep their doubts. I think I’ve got a pretty good memory and I’ve got a photogenic memory too. So, the people that are saying all that, talking all that; trust me I remember. So, don’t say good job later when it’s going good.

There's no real timetable on Brees' return, but the Saints have a lot to prove and to hear this from Alvin Kamara should give Saints fans a little confidence in a team ready to give their all.

Here's what Taysom and Teddy had to say.

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