The last time I went out of my way to see a show premiere or any regular episode when it aired on normal TV since Season 7 of Walking Dead when Negan was about to release his wrath on Rick's crew. Since then I haven't really put any effort into watching a show the night it premieres at all. I am more of a Hulu or Netflix type of person, but I am preparing for the reunion of Jersey Shore.


I was a freshman in High School when the first season premiered and I was in awe of the whole thing. Oh! I definitely rocked the Snookie poof for a while. I can't wait to see the reunion and see what all has changed for the cast.

If you are just as excited about the return of the show as I am, and you are planning a watch party I have a few tips for you.

What You Need for the Perfect Jersey Shore Reunion Watch Party

  • Party Goody Bags for Guests
    • Include: travel size spray tan bottle, travel size hair spray, a shirt before the shirt, and maybe a sea shell bath bomb, sunglasses.
  • Beach style decorations (because they are in Miami)
    • pink flamingos, palm trees, pineapples
  • Margaritas (if of age)
  • Snacks
    • cookies shaped like Snookie's poof, barbells, and blow dryers
  • Prepare a Fun Drinking Game (for those of age)
    • For example: drink whenever someone says "reunion", "together", "party", or "family".

I hope you have a fun time watching the new premiere which airs tomorrow at 8/7c on MTV.