How cool is this? Sunday, I got to ride in a clinic with Evie Tumlin after the Tri State Dressage Society Show and tomorrow I get to ride with David Jay at Great! Great is a cool program provided through the Arc that you should check out if you get the time but I have to tell you, I'm super pumped about getting in to ride with Mr. Jay. I've been to watch or 'audit' his classes before, but this is the first time it's worked out to where I could actually take a lesson from him directly. The man stays booked up! Another reason I'm excited is he provided the back drop for my parents' romance.

My mom and dad's very first date was to see the World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions in Dayton, OH. He was stationed at Wright Patt AFB at the time and she was working at St. Elizabeth's. Later in life, Dad would remark that if he knew what he was getting in to, he would have run in the other direction;) Through the years and from base to base, my dad hauled my mom's horses and later both my mother's and my horses while he still could. (Before his health deteriorated) By the way, on that same first date, she ordered a Big Mac AND a large fry and he wasn't too sure about that, either! Ahh! Memories! Long story short, David Jay was riding that night of my parents first date in Dayton, OH. He was the head trainer at the time as well, so he really did set the back drop for my parents' romance!

Man, I hope I don't screw it up tomorrow! And yes, I did take tomorrow off and Stu will be filling in for me. Be kind and wish me luck;) Also, a big thank you going out to Kathryn McFadden for getting me on the schedule and Amanda Zimmerman for getting me and my pony to Great in Greenwood. You two are the best!

Also, if you're interested in learning to ride or just want to watch some great horse and rider teams, there's a show at Double Rainbow in Haughton that I'll be announcing this weekend. Stop by and say hi and check out the North Louisiana Equestrian Association as well;)