Let's be honest diets are never fun. If they include bacon, well, that helps make it better. I recently started the KETO diet, and I am honestly thinking about making it more of a lifestyle change. I'm finding I have more energy than ever before and pants I haven't worn in forever are fitting me again.

So what is the KETO Diet and how does it work? KetoDash.com describes the diet as "low carb, moderate protein, and high fat diet which puts the body into a metabolic state known as ketosis." Basically it trains your body to run off fat which in turn causes your body to burn more fat aka you lose body fat.  That's pretty much the basic explanation of how the diet works. My main issue with the diet is the obvious change of cutting out carbs (which I love).  Fortunately, I have found several substitutes from online sources like Facebook Groups and other websites.

I have heard people on the diet say that it helps with weight loss, mental focus, blood sugar, energy, epilepsy, acne and so much more. Are you on KETO? What sources do you use for recipes?