The stunning Blake Lively joined the show this morning.

We learned so much talking to Blake Lively this morning, including that she and J'Si shared the name Bridgette. J'Si was called Bridgette in school by the bullies, while Blake played a character named Bridgette in the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The two also share a major love for Ryan Reynolds... For different reasons of course.

Blake has a new movie called The Shallows so of course we picked her brain about the film.

The movie centers around Blake's character, Nancy, getting lost at sea while surfing and encountering a shark that's hungry for blood. She opened up about the underwater scenes and how sometimes she truly started grasping for air. She even got a bloody nose, which the directors decided to leave unattended for the sake of the film.

What else did she reveal about the film?