We can't say we didn't see this coming, but we're still ecstatic about the news!

Caroline Kraddick joined the show this morning to talk about the Bachelorette, but she also shared some very big news. Yes, she did legally change her name from Cradick to Kraddick to honor her father, which is totally huge, but this is something much bigger.

Kidd Kraddick was a radio institution for decades across the country. He was loved by so many listeners and radio industry professionals as well. He was well respected in his field and seen as a trailbrazer in the medium.

We lost him in 2013 unexpectedly.

However, all of the hard work and dedication that he put into his craft has certainly not gone unnoticed. He recently received a major award that will forever solidify his place in the history of radio. He has been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.