If I had a thousand dollars, I would be dangerous! But here's the good news, I can't win, but you can with Win Cash + Pay Your Bills. Here's a few ideas for you, just in case you win! Plus, don't forget to log on to the K945 VIP page for your chance at $10,000!

What I would do with a grand!

1. Shop on Kohls.com (old habits are hard to break)

2. Get my dog spayed

3. Try and boost the economy in Nevada. I hear even the brothels aren't recession proof and those girls work hard. (I hear)

4. Buy something horsey

5. Pay a bill

6. Put it in savings

7. Make it rain

8. Down payment on a boob job

9.  Prepay for a bunch of mani/pedis so I don't have to face my husband's disapproving glare...

10. Ditto with the hair dresser.

11. Have the Mercedes serviced (It's expensive!)

12. Throw a party, rent donkeys

13. Wipe my butt with a $20 bill because I can

14. Buy some jewelry or art... it's an investment!

15. Take a trip!

16. Buy 923 items at the dollar store... I know, it would be nice to buy a 1,000 but there's tax, ya know!

17. Buy Stifler a really cool wedding gift.

18. Fix a pothole or two on I-20.

What would you do with $1,000! Tell me about it!

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