The life of one of the greatest comedians of our time will be documented on HBO next month. See the trailer here.

It would be hard to find someone who doesn't have a memory of Robin Williams. From stand up comedy to playing iconic roles on the big screen, the man had a presence that was undeniable. More than anything else, he had a way of connecting to people.

Oh how I wish he knew that deep down inside and maybe we would still have him today.

Robin was found dead in his home in 2014. It was news that shocked all of us. How could a man who filled so many people with happiness be so broken inside? We may never know the real reason why this shining light was taken so soon, but we are getting a look into his life this summer on HBO.

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind will premiere on the network on July 16. Those who knew him best, like Steve Martin and Billy Crystal, were on hand to tell their stories of Robin. Members of his family are also on the project. It was his son's words really struck me in this trailer.

My father didn't always feel he was succeeding, but he's the most successful person I know.

How often do we feel like we are failures? If we could only see ourselves the way others see us, our entire world would be rocked in the best possible way. And I believe our world has been rocked in the best possible way because of Robin. Maybe he sees that now.

Watch the trailer below and feel free to share with us what Robin Williams meant to you.

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