Move over, Robert Pattinson, Riff Raff and John Mayer, the rumored hookups and official ex of Katy Perry. The singer and supreme catch may be dating DJ Diplo.

Rumors that Perry and Diplo, a maj producer who dated that lightning rod known as M.I.A. for several years, hooked up at Coachella. Diplo, 35, is based in L.A. So is Perry, 29.

Dunno Diplo? Let us give you a bit of a musical refresher. His real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz and has worked with The Biebs, Brit Brit and Bruno Mars. We sorta don't need to say much else, do we?

Perry engaged in some bro-downery with Pattinson, her longtime friend, further stoking those hookup rumors, this past weekend. But word is she spent some sexy time Diplo at the event itself and at parties planned around the event.

A source told The New York Post that "they were together behind the main stage, where she had a tour bus or trailer, and a group of her friends were hanging out. It was very obvious that Katy and Diplo were together. They seemed inseparable and at one point they were seen getting onto her bus together."

That's one interpretation of the hang sesh between the two talents, who are also said to be friends. Diplo was also spotted with his arm around Perry, which could have been a sign of friendly affection, as well.

Perry is an eligible bachelorette. Let her have some fun with friends and if she is hooking up, she is hooking up! Let's hope she and Diplo make beautiful music together, be it actual songs or even a casual romance.